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Development of Co-Processed Powders Containing Lactose, Mucuna flagellipes Seed Gum and Ipomoea batatas Tuber Starch

Author(s): Kenneth Chinedu Ugoeze, Maryam EJ Idris

Background: The search for new pharmaceutical excipients with multifunctional properties to meet the technical challenges inherent in the formulation of drug products containing special pharmacologically active compounds possessing complex physico-chemical characteristics and elaborate technologies in their production procedures is continuous.

Aim: The development of directly compressible (DC) co-processed powders (CPPs) containing lactose (LTS), Mucuna flagellipes seed gum (Mucuna gum) (MG) and Ipomoea batatas tuber starch (potato starch) (PS) was undertaken.

Materials and methods: Batches CPP-A: LTS (75%), MG (7.5%), PS (17.5%) and CPP-B: LTS (75%), MG (10%), PS (15%) were formulated. Homogenized constituents were transferred into a 1-litre beaker, blended with 80ml of deionized water, placed in a water-bath (100o C) and stirred till it began to gel. It was removed and stirred for 10 min, spread in an oven (50o C) for 1 h and sieved (1.7 mm), dried to constant weight (50o C) and sieved (250 µm). The CPPs were characterized, compressed into compacts and evaluated beside their constituent materials and MicroceLac®-100 (MC-100) as controls.

Results: The CPPs with improved flowability (CPP-B>CPP-A>MC-100) and compressibility were obtained compared to their starting materials, resulting to compacts with mechanical strength: MC-100 > CPP-B >> CPP-A with CPP-A and CPP-B not disintegrating after 30 min.

Conclusion: The CPP-A or CPP-B could be suitable as DC diluent for sustained-release or chewable tablets and in producing tablets with low dose drug of which a disintegrant may be incorporated extra-granularly.

    Editor In Chief

    Jean-Marie Exbrayat

  • General Biology-Reproduction and Comparative Development,
    Lyon Catholic University (UCLy),
    Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes,
    Lyon, France

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